Welcome to Merrylands Primary School Council!

Each year, every class elects two representatives to be members of a school council. We were voted into the position of School Council members by a democratic process of voting where all children in the school had a vote to decide who they would like to represent their class and school. The role of a school councilor is a very important one. As a school councilor, you need to be willing to listen to your peers’ ideas and problems, and present these in regular school council meetings.

Once elected as a school councillor, we then voted on other roles within the school council. This was decided in a democratic way. The three roles within school council are a:

  • Chairperson: - The chair person’s job is to use the agenda to run the meetings. - To help the secretary write the agenda. - To help the council decide to use the agenda. For example, voting on subjects - To ensure that everyone gets to give their opinion.

  • Secretary: - The secretary’s job is to take minutes during the meetings. - To type up minutes and distribute them. - to let people, know when the next meetings are scheduled

  • Treasurer: - If the school council has a budget, the treasurer’s job is to keep track of how much money the council has, how much you’ve spent, and how much you’re likely to spend overall. - Other councillors should ask you, as treasurer, before they spend any money and should keep you up to date with all expenses

Our School Council is very important to us because we try to make our school better for everyone. For example, during our school council sessions we have been discussing how to improve our school environment and we are currently planning an event to improve our school playground. We have also been in discussions about making our school an even healthier school by providing healthier snacks at breaktime.

We are also lucky to go on educational trips. We recently visited the Houses of Parliament to learn about how democracy works in our country.

We take our role very seriously! We feel we make a difference to our school by helping to further improve Merrylands Primary School so that we can be the best!