At Merrylands Primary School we are using 'Big Write' to develop writing skills across the school.

The ‘Big Write’ is a modern, exciting way to teach pupils writing and includes all the necessary skills to create imaginative and competent writers in our school.

The Big Write


From Year 1 to Year 6, pupils complete a ‘Big Write’ task at the end of a unit of work to apply the writing skills they have acquired.  The ‘Big Write’ task is split into two sections, the VCOP session and the independent Big Write.

The VCOP session consists of fun, enjoyable activities where pupils engage with different aspects of language.

Pupils are encouraged to explore the English language through the following areas:

V: vocabulary - WOW! words
C: connectives for joining and developing ideas
O: openers for beginning sentences
P: punctuation

The pupils will complete a range of fun activities and games in small groups which promotes confidence, teamwork and learning from others.

After morning break the pupils use their knowledge of VCOP and the English language to complete a written task independently.  This task gives the pupils the opportunity to display their current writing skills.  The work is then marked against the pupils’ current targets by the class teacher and feedback is provided.

In the Foundation Stage ‘Big Talk’ is extended across the curriculum to promote as many speaking and listening opportunities as possible in preparation for the written tasks in Year 1.