Autism Support Centre

What is the Autism Support Centre (ASC)?

The ASC is an enhanced provision for pupils with high functioning autism who may find current primary school setting overwhelming, are not making progress and who may benefit from spending some of their day spilt between the ASC and the classroom.
Most children on the Autistic Spectrum can be well supported within mainstream schools. If you have questions or concerns do talk to your child’s current class teacher or school SENCO about your child’s needs.

What is the purpose of the ASC?

The purpose of the ASC is to ensure that the pupils attending the centre make progress as detailed within their Education Health and Care Plan. The idea is that the ASC can provide specialist support and guidance when the child feels overwhelmed; this will enable the child to spend increasing amounts of time accessing the classroom and engaging with their peers in a mainstream setting.

If I want my child to attend the ASC what do I do?

You will need to apply as there are only 8 spaces available.

Your child must have an Educational Health and Care Plan, have a diagnosis of Autism and have Autism as their primary need on the plan.

Parents/Carers need to contact their SEND Operations Team for Essex on 0333 013 473

If my child attends Merrylands Primary School and Nursery do they automatically get a place?

No - Parents/Carers need to apply for the ASC separately by contacting the SEND Operations Team for Essex on 0333 013 473


Autism Support Centre

Contact :
Merrylands Primary School and Nursery
Tel: 01268 417893


The Statutory Assessment Service
Tel: 03300 134736